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The Story

The Rare Apepe come from two important lineages in the Web3 and NFT universe: Rare APepe and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Rare Apepe

As the last bull market of 2021 raged on, a small group of collectors of both Rare Pepe and Bored Ape Yacht Club sensed that something was all too wrong in the space. Art became less relevant, and often ugly. History was being lost, despite resurgences in small pockets of the metaverse. Rare Apepe collection was created to fix that problem. And they are really doing well that mission.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

During 2021-2022 insurgence of NFTs on the cultural zeitgeist, nothing has had more of an impact than BAYC. Having onboarded not only degens, artists, and celebrities; BAYC has captured the imagination of mainstream media like nothing else before it. The collection of 10,000 Apes has evolved from a jpeg to something bigger… Ape Coin, The Otherside metaverse, and the Ape Fest bring real life activation of this native web3 brand to a broader audience.

Baby Rare Apepe YC

Inspired by those 2 great projects, Baby Rare Apepe YC was born to follow the meme culture and the vibe. It has 100+ variations, that make the collection becomes more diversity. Unique. Independent. Ready to make our own mark on NFT history.

Future - Mutant BRAYC

We’ve heard rumours of a special vile that has been transforming our BRAYC members. Word is that the vile will be released once all Apepes have been released into the wild.

The Gallery


Mutant Richard


Mutant Bepple